Thursday, May 10, 2012

Tammy's September Results

Finally, all up-to-date! I gave Rachel her layout on Tuesday so it is "safe" to post the pictures. Even though it took me 8 months to complete the challenge, I had a wonderful time planning the layout and what I wanted to do. I knew what I wanted, just never found the time to complete when Rachel wasn't around to watch :) For some reason I felt funny completing the layout in her presence. I guess I wanted it to be a surprise. I'm still not a scrapbooker but I was pleased with the way it turned out. I had a great time with Theresa while I finished the layout!

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  1. LOVE this! "Not a scrapbooker"? Are you kidding me? This is a gorgeous layout. I love the use of color and all of the handmade embellishments. So adorable. The journaling came out great - I love how you cut it into strips and placed it over the patterned paper. Love those layers. And the snowman. And the cute little snow balls. Trying not to freak out all over again here. I could not wait to put it in Hanna's album. Thank you so much! My scrapper's block is officially cured, thanks to you! :)