Club Guidelines

Our Results May Vary Monthly Craft Club

Welcome to the “Our Results May Vary” monthly craft club.

Our club began January 2010. During 2010, we used what we refer to as "Classic ORMV Kits" each month and stuck to limited tools as outlined below. During 2011, we decided to switch things up a bit. We have four members. Each member took 3 months. One month, we use the Classic ORMV Kit with the rules posted below. During the other two months, the member hosting those months decides what type of challenge we should do.  We can use any tools or supplies for the challenge months unless specifically restricted by the host for that specific challenge. To read more about the kinds of challenges we use, please see the post here.

The basic rules for our club are simple:

1. Make your crafty items by the 7th of each month.

2. Post your crafty items between the 7th and the 12th of each month.

3. Please make sure to label your posts. (To label a post, click "Post Options" at the bottom of the posting area, when you go to New Post.)

4. Make at least 1 comment on each of the result posts. (We love to motivate, support, encourage, and compliment each other.)

Feel free to use the blog to post any other projects you’re working on. I think we’d all love to see what everyone is up to.

Helpful Websites

Here are some really helpful websites: (For Phrases) (For Titles) (For Poems)

Classic ORMV Guidelines 

These guidelines are only in effect for the 4 months of the year we use a classic ORMV kit.

The following guidelines were designed to imitate those used in the magazine features that we love so much - those articles that showcase the same materials but different results. But they've become something else entirely - they challenge us by restricting the tools we use. Who knew circles could be so versatile? In a way, they bring us back to the basics of design and push us to be creative with limited resources.

The overall guiding principle, or spirit of the rules, is to make it so that we play on an even field: so that we showcase our unique imagination and talents. To that end we should only use materials and tools that we all own. An added benefit of this strategy is that we will be able to recreate something one of us has done.

1) Make at least one item from each monthly kit, but extra kudos to those who create more than one. Any leftover materials are yours to do with what you wish.

2) You do not have to use everything in the kit.

3) You may make a layout, mat set, card, wall-hanging, photo-frame, altered art project, or any craft which is predominantly paper-oriented. It can be made to be kept, given away, or sold.

4) You can use the items provided in any way you want. For example, you can rearrange the letters in a title or just use part of a title.

5) Scraplifting is permitted and encouraged. Good resources: on-line galleries, magazines, each other.

6) You can use a sewing machine or needle and thread or floss. Please try to stick to that month’s color scheme.

7) You can use colored pencils, markers or any kind of paint to add hand-drawn doodles, dots, or designs to anything in the kit. Please stick with colored pencils, markers or paints that are within that month's color scheme or white, black or metallic (bronze, silver, gold). Exception to this is below.

8) You may use any color pencils, markers (including metallic) or any kind of paint to color in any stamped images which have been provided. You do not need to stick to that month’s color scheme for coloring in stamped images.

So, to reiterate, other than coloring stamped images, please try to stick to that month’s color theme when using markers, pencils or paint.

9) You can add text. If making a layout, you may want to add a title different than the ones provided, a quote you find, or some journaling. If making a card, you may want to add a sentiment. Please try to stick to the following limitations:

a. You can use your computer to print on white/cream paper, vellum, or any of the papers included. If using a color printer, please try to stick within the color scheme for that month.

b. You can type and print/trace/cut. For example, a neat idea may be to print large words using the computer, cut them out and use them as templates to trace and cut the paper provided.

c. You can add text using markers. You can simply free-hand text onto the paper or free-hand and cut out the text. Again, the idea is to challenge ourselves to be as creative as possible with limited materials and resources. Please stick with pens and inks that are within that month's color scheme or white, black or metallic.

10) You can add white or cream paper, cardstock, or vellum. You may use it anyway you want. Some ideas for using it:

1. To print a quote
2. As a layout background
3. As a card base
4. Cutting out shapes to add to your project
5. As a canvas for drawing or painting images (using that month's colors or black or white or metallic - silver, gold, bronze - only)
6. Coloring it for additional colored paper (using that month's colors or white, black or metallic - silver, gold, bronze - only). An example might be to create mats for photos by coloring the edges with colors in that month's color scheme.

11) You can cut the paper provided (or white/cream/ vellum cardstock or paper) into shapes, figures, or forms by hand.

Some ideas include (but are not limited to):
1. Cutting out the design that’s already on the paper
2. Tracing common house-hold items such as lids or tracing images found from any source and then cutting them out
3. Finding images on-line (since we all have internet access) and using them to trace & cut or for masking purposes
4. Good old fashioned free-hand drawing and cutting

No machines or punches are allowed to cut shapes since we don't all have the same tools. The only exception to this is circle punches, hole punches or any tool used to make circles (including scalloped or other decorative edged circles). Circles are extremely difficult to do by hand, so use of a tool to make circles is permitted.

12) Please try to use only those materials found in the kit (except for titles, journaling, quotes or sentiments you print or make by hand). If you have a little something you think would be perfect and absolutely cannot pass up the opportunity to use it, then go ahead, I think we’d all understand. But, the whole point of this is to “think inside the box” and see what unique projects we can each create given the same materials. There are some exceptions to this rule:

a) Items that were collected at the time the photos were taken (souvenirs, postcards, ticket stubs, wristbands, brochures, maps of the amusement park or zoo, drink coasters, receipts, etc.) These are just like photos, in my opinion, in that they are part of your memory of the event.

b) A few basics are allowed: white/cream/vellum paper and adhesive

c) If you are making an altered art project, you can add the base object of your choice (coffee can, cigar box, band aid box, etc.)

d) You may use ink pads to distress paper edges or for shading (but not for stamping images, letters or words since we don’t all have the same stamps). The only exception to this is if a rubber, foam, or clear acrylic stamp has been provided as part of that month’s kit.

e) As previously discussed, any title, quote or journaling you want to print out or add by hand.

13) And finally…please don’t use punches, border punches, a die-cutting machine or die cuts (other than those already provided or circles made using any punch or machine) since we don’t all have the same resources. Remember, everything left over is yours to use however you please, but the idea for the monthly club is to see what we can create using only the materials provided, our imagination, and our talents.

Tools/Supplies you provide, which are allowed:

Markers, pens, pencils, paint
Scissors, Craft Knife
Rulers/ Perfect Layers
Paper trimmer
Adhesive (foam dots allowed)
Hole Punch (including Crop-a-dile tools used solely for punching holes)
Circle Punch (Any tool or machine that makes circles of any size is allowed.)
Paper Piercer
Sewing Machine/Sewing Needles
Thread/Floss (in that month's color scheme)
Pliers and Snippers

New Additions:
Border Punches - Any (Yay!) [as of 3/2011]