Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Theresa's May Results

Hello ladies! It's a little late in the month - but I feel like I'm gaining a little of my scrapping groove back. My dining room looks like a paper tornado went through it - but I'm having fun!

Layout #1 of 2

I have to admit that I was completely intimidated by the abundance of different shades of purple this month. I actually fell in love with the deep purples and loved the lavender contrasts. This layout seems "in your face" with the photo - but it's a photograph I really like. It reminds me of a time that was sad, but really special with my mom. Our relationship has changed so much since then that I miss the time we spent at the ferry building. It's all very nostalgic for me now. That's probably why I created a card too! (I don't think the card quite fits the rules - but I'll still show it, below.)

Layout #2 of 2

I have an abundance of Leeloo pictures right now that I'm inspired to work with. She is so cute and her facial expressions knock my socks off.

Card 1

Could I let the month go by without doing at least ONE ty card? I think not!
Here is the one for May - and I have to say, I think it's pretty!

Card 2

I don't think this card fits the kit rules, but I couldn't help myself. :-)

Friday, May 14, 2010

Marieke's May Results

How does time go by so fast? I can't believe this is our fifth month. Wow.

I am actually pretty happy with what I have accomplished because if it weren't for this club and the pressure to complete a project, I might not ever get started on or finish anything.

So here is is my May project - another one for Kurt's album. This is Grandma Barb with Spencer and Alex. Kurt is in one photo and cousin DJ is in the other.

I added the white doodling to delineate the patterned paper and because it needed to be jazzed up a bit. I drew the circle with a protractor and hand-cut it out, then inked the edges to distress it a bit and hide the jagged edges from the hand-cutting.

I am including the one below even though I didn't make it for the purpose of this club and even though it uses two "outlawed" items (since they weren't in the kit) - the Prima flowers and the doily. I made this layout 5 months ago at Christmas time. I went down to California at Thanksgiving and brought way too much stuff with me so I pared it down to a more limited selection when we went down at Christmas. Too limited as it turned out. I needed to steal from the May kit in order to have something to work with. So here is another result using almost identical materials. This was the first time I had used torn paper in a layout - still not sure about it. The photos are of Cyn when she was a girl and her family moved to Chula Vista.

May Kit

So I am posting this way too late to be asking if you are missing anything, but if you are please let me know and I'll send it out anyway for you to enjoy using on another project. Sorry for my tardiness.

This month's colors:
Main: Lavender & Purple
Accents: (none)
Neutrals: White

1. Paper - 4 Sheets (2 patterned and 2 plain)

patterned: damask & hearts/words

plain: lavender dry embossed hearts & plain purple

Extra paper: 1 sheet lavender printer paper

2. Ribbon

1 fat & 2 thin: striped organza, thin purple grosgrain, & thin white satin with loop border

3. Additional Paper Items, Bling and Brads

Additional Paper Items: 1 12 inch heart border

Bling: 1 solid brass "Mom" charm and jump ring, 3 purple adhesive rhinestones, & 3 lavender adhesive rhinestones

Brads: 4 silver and 4 brass

4. Embellishments

Embellishments: circle and flower dry embossed die-cuts

5. Titles

1 sheet of alpha sticker in lavender

6. Sentiments & Phrases

1 sheet of Mother's Day sentiments

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Welcome, Claudia!!!

We are adding a new member to our club! Yay!

I just received an email letting me know Rachel has pretty much convinced her friend Claudia to join in the fun. I'm very excited as I think this club works best when we can see more results. I can't wait to see what she comes up with.

Look for her contributions starting in July.