Classic Kit Guidelines

The following are guidelines for creating a Classic Our Results May Vary Kit:

Color Scheme:
  1st Color:
  2nd Color:
  3rd  Color (optional):
Metal Tone:
Theme (if any):


2 - 12x12 patterned paper or cardstock. (Please have two different types of patterns, i.e. floral, striped, plaid,dotted, etc.)

2 - 12 x 12 coordinating colored cardstock.  As this paper is intended to be the base for the layout or card, please make sure the paper is cardstock thickness. May be shades of the same color.

Additional Paper Item(s)

Please provide at least one of the following items:

a) 1 - 12 inch border (store-bought or made using your border punch).
b) 2 tags or 1 tag and 1 journaling spot/bookplate (paper).
c) 3 - 4 x 6 coordinated cardstock in varying colors or patterns (different colors than what you have already provided). These can all be shades of the same color.
d) 3 colored 8.5 x 11 inch sheets of printer-weight paper (for journaling or card sentiments).


Please provide one of the following combinations:

a) 2 fat (fat = 1/2 inch or more in width).
b) 1 fat, 2 thin (thin = less than 1/2 inch in width).
c) 3 thin.

Please provide a minimum of a little longer than two feet of each ribbon (roughly 25 inches). If you need to use two cuts of a single ribbon, please do not cut any length shorter than 12.5 inches. (So that it could be used for a border.)


Please provide at least one of the following:

a) 8 brads, metallic or colored - 4 identical brads of 2 different types
    (i.e. 4 pink brads and 4 silver brads or 4 silver brads and 4 gold brads).
b) 4 identical brads and 4 identical anchors. (The brads do not have to be the same color as the anchors.)


Please provide at least one of the following:

a) 6 gemstones: 2 different types - 3 identical gemstones of each type for a total of 6 gemstones per kit. (These can have adhesive on already, but they don't have to have adhesive on them.)
b) 3 simple buttons in the colors of the kit. (These could all be identical.)
c) 1 elaborate button (such as a Favorite Findings button).
d) 1 charm - plain metallic or colored. Please provide a jump ring.
e) 1 metal bookplate or frame.
f) 2 hinges.
g) 1 elaborate paperclip.
h) 1 metal or wire word.
i) any other smaller item or items that are metallic, sparkly, or fun.


Please provide at least two of the following:

a) 1 3-D/layered embellishments (such as Jolee's).
b) 2 chipboard embellishments.
c) 6 total die cuts: 2 different dies/punch shapes - 3 identical of each type. (The exception to this is color. They can be cut from different colors.)
d) 2 stamped images, neatly stamped, ready to be colored.  Please stamp each image on a 4 x 6 sheet of white paper. You may also use digital stamps.
e) 1 clear acrylic unmounted or 1 red rubber mounted stamp.  (There are neat ones availble for $1 at Michael's.)
f) 1 floss stitch template (store-bought or made using transparency paper) + floss in a coordinating color.
g) 2 different ghost shapes.
h) 1 sheet of flat stickers or rub-ons.  (The rub-ons provided under this category can be anything other than words or letters.)
i) 6 similarly themed stickers from different sets, cut out and grouped together.
j) 4 different epoxy stickers.
k) 3 Prima-quality mulberry flowers. These may be made from cloth, silk, or satin ribbon if the flowers have been made specifically for scrapbooking/papercrafting (i.e. not from plastic bunches bought in the floral arranging aisle of the craft store).
l) 1 crocheted flower.
m) 1 metal sign.
n) 1 other quality embellishment similar to those listed above (such as a Making Memories embellishment).

You may double-up and provide two or three sets of the same category.


Please provide at least one of the following:

a) 1 alphabet+ (alphabet+ = 1 sheet of alphabet stickers which contains at least 2 of every vowel or if die-cuts, please provide the alphabet plus an additional 2 (3 in total) of the following letters: a, e, i, o, u, d, h, l, m, n, r, s, t).
b) Provide two very different titles, such as "Happy Birthday" and "Friends."  Please avoid being too specific with the titles, such as "Nana" (not everyone uses the term "Nana") or "My Recital" (not everyone takes ballet lessons or plays musical instruments).  These can be store-bought (such as sticker or chipboard titles), stamped and embossed, or cut out using a die-cut machine.

Please do not use computer-printed or hand-drawn titles.

Phrases and Sentiments

Please provide at least two of the following:

a) 3 words - These can all be the same theme, though they do not have to be, i.e. Valentine's Day - "Love," "Always," and "Mine."
b) 2 quotations, sayings or sentiments (for cards).
c) 1 poem.

Any of the above options may be store-bought stickers, stamped images (digi or traditional), rub-ons, die-cuts, or printed on paper or vellum.