Sunday, December 11, 2011

Marieke's December Results

So I really needed some Christmas cards and now I've got them. I turned Rachel's kit into 13 Christmas cards. The 11 photographed below use only kit contents while the photo blow that one shows my two "cheater cards" (since I used my own sentiment stamp for them).

Here are close-ups of the 11 shown together above. I made two similar ones for almost every design. I found it easier than reinventing the wheel for every single card.

Now I just need to catch up on all the other kits I haven't yet done. :-)


  1. WOW. I need a moment to take a breath.

  2. Okay, I'm back. These are amazing. I can't believe how much mileage you got out of this kit! Your creativity is just off the charts. I love how you cut out your own Christmas trees out of the patterned paper - genius. It's so hard to choose a favorite. I love the Joy cards - just beautiful. But I also adore the argyle ones with the stamped images. Perfection!

  3. These are amazing Marieke! I love all of the little details, cutting out the trees and the embossed images. At first, I thought you used a punch and then realized it was the embossed snowflakes and stars! You really used all of the pieces of the kit to make some fabulous creations!