Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Claudia's October Result

I was so excited when I saw what Theresa sent as her October challenge. The papers were beautiful, I loved the quote, and having pages from the book was so cool. If you can't tell from my layout, I wanted to use every bit (I hope I didn't overdo it). I ran out of room for journaling... if anyone has any suggestions on how to fit it in, I'd really appreciate it. (I included what I had hoped to journal below the pictures, just to explain the layout.)

June 27, 2011 Mia loved playing with her tea set, and I was so eager to invite some of her friends over for a tea party. I wanted to include Gavin and his best friend, so I didn't want it to be too girly (as tea parties tend to be). The best solution I found: a Mad Hatter's Tea Party. Zachary, Mackenzie, Sofia, Franklin, Jenna, and Nora joined us for a fun afternoon. We decorated big hats made out of paper bags, put together foam teapot picture frames, and ate a lunch of tea sandwiches, fruit, cheese, pink lemonade... and tea, of course. Minutes after our friends left, Mia crashed on the couch. Hosting a tea party is hard work.


  1. This is beautiful, Claudia. But as beautiful and layered (which I love) as it is, the beauty of it is not what impresses me the most. I am stunned by the fact that you were able to complete this layout with 3 kids, one of whom is a newborn. Wowza! That is impressive. The layout itself is gorgeous. I love how you've used the paper so that you can really see each pattern and I love the pom pom trim. This is such a cute idea for a kids party. I adore the paper bag hats. Too cute! As for the journaling - you could add a pocket to the top of the back of one of the pages and insert a journaling card which would be hidden. Then have a tab or ribbon attached to the top of the card to pull it up which would be poking out the top of the page protector, so you could grab it and read it without having to take the whole layout out of the page protector - just an idea. Anyway, I love it. So cute!!!

  2. Oh my God, I LOVE this. The title is awesome! I love the font and how you curled the edges of the paper - perfection. The layering is so pleasing to the eye. Is that some of the trim from last year's August kit by the way? :) I also really like the way you positioned your photos to create balance, and that you matted your photos with patterned paper. Lovely work!

  3. How wonderful that you already had pictures of a tea party! I agree with Marieke about a journaling tab where your journaling is hidden but available to explain the day (and what a fun day it was!). I love the distressed edges of the title and a few of the mats. Excellent use of the book pages and incorporation of the tag quote. I’m still stumped on what I am going to do for the challenge but your layout has provided additional inspiration.